VN Bouncer provide Bodyguards male and female for our clients either on temporary contract basis or even for a permanent contract basis. The basic duty of the bodyguard is to protect the client from any and every kind of danger – generally theft, assault, kidnapping, harassment or any other criminal offence.

We can also provide a driver-bodyguard who would even drive the client as well as protect him.

When it has to do with celebrity bodyguards, you should have bodyguard personnel that are trustworthy, and Security Services for event in Dehradun. Be it a VIP PSO or a celebrity bodyguard, you want to be sure in the event the bodyguard personnel are reliable and if they’ll be able to give you the protection that you want.

Our bodyguards are well trained in firearm tactics, physical combats, emergency driving and first-aid. They are trained to work and co-ordinate with other security officers to assess the threat and risk level of the present situation.

Our company’s focus is on building long-term healthy relations with our clients.

We also provide our services on timely contract basis